What is Trading?

What is Trading? What are Top Crypto Exchanges?
Trading is the process of buying and selling things to make profit. There are two types of trading in the world. The types of trading are describe the following;

1) Physical trading

2) Online Trading/Financial trading


Physical Trading:

Physical trading is the process of buying and selling the raw material. A physical trader buy the material in a bulk or make the material by its own self factory or company and sale it to the sellers. Physical trading is found all over the world. Factories companies, government are all involved in physical trading to provide goods and services to people.


Online Trading/Financial Trading:

Online Trading or financial trading is the process of buying and selling things in order to make profit. Financial trading can be done with exchanges, with the help of this exchange we can buy or the financial products like ,shares, assets , bonds, currencies, behalf of investors, accommodates etc. to server the financial market and make profit.


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. What is Spot and Future trading?





What Is Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading is the world of trading in cryptocurrency with many pairs. It is the decentralized currencies. Crypto is the digital currency work as medium of exchange with the computer network or it is not reliant on any central authority, like banks or government. It is decentralized system and work after proper verification. The first decentralized cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which was realized in 2009. Cryptocurrency do not exist in physical form such as paper coin or money. It only shows as number in exchanges. It is also a Block chain technology.


How To Start Crypto Trading:

TRADING or Crypto trading is the fundamental or technical economic concept that involves in buying and selling assets and currencies pair. Before starting a trading we should to learn it clearly. In down some steps to trade in crypto currency.


1) Make a Crypt currency broker account and verified.

2) Fund your account

3) Choose a Crypto to invest

4) Choose a strategy

5) Hold or trade your Crypto currency



Trading V/S Investing:

Both traders and investors come in the financial markets to earn the method to achieve the profit of investors and traders are quite different.


Generally, investors come in the financial market and invest in it to earn a profit for a long period of time like years or decades. Investor think for a long time investment for large or hug profits.


On the second hand traders, come in the market to earn profit with the small movement due to volatility in the market. They enter and exit positions after earning a small profits each traders.


Which one is the best? What is more suitable for you and me tell in the comments



How to Start Trading Without Investment:

In the beginning it is difficult to understand the financial markets but with the passage of time we understand it.


Many traders who are in the markets from the long time they teach trading to the beginners. They provide a full trading course or tutorial with some fee but many peoples unable to pay him. Binance introduce a binance academy for learning the financial markets like Cryptocurrency.


On the other hand we can also learn trading free of cost from YouTube. Yes is the best plate from to learn trading.

On YouTube have many channels who provide free content about trading. If we learn from there and apply on markets so we can gain experience about trading from there.



Rules Of Trading:

There are some rules of trading if we are follow it so we can make profits in financial markets. These are described the following:


1) Don't trade with emotions always trade with mindset.

2) Always use a trading plan

3) Always forced on learn not on profit or loss

4) Don't Risk your all capital

5) Stay disciplined

6) Learn from your mistakes

7) Risk management

8) Money Management

9) Trade in trend

10) Don't over trade


About Trading View:

Trading View is web based social network for traders. Traders use it for analyze chat and share trading ideas directly by trading view.

Trading view is to use in basic, which is included all access of basic functionalities. The paid version of trading view is ad-free, support more farms than basic trading view more trading indicators and more functionalities.

Trading view is trusted more than 30 million traders because no one can made like this for analyze charts. Trading view allow one broker Dhan in india.


What Is Storm Gain:

Storm Gain is the member of financial commission block chain Association which is provides a complete and secure reliable platform for trading. Traders can analyze their charts there also and do Trade with them.

Storm Gain instantly exchange all popular crypto coins, such as Bitcoin which is short in (BTC). Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Ethereum(ETH). Dogecoin (DOGE). Ape Coin ( APE). Binance coin (BNB). Shiba Coin ( SHIB ). Tether ( USDT ),and XRP at desired prices, which is offering low trading fee with no commission.


What is Spot and Future trading?

The main difference of future and spot trading is that future trading is risky more than spot trading

In future trading crypto futures are the contracts that represent the value of specific Crypto. We do not own underlying cryptocurrency when we purchase a future contract.


Leverage, Flexibility of trade Long and Short, Liquidity Price  are the parts of future trading.


Leverage make our capital very high For Example if we do trading with 10x leverage and we have a capital of 20$ so 10x*20$ which is equal to 200$ which we can trade with them and earn profit.


Long and Short:

In future trading we can buy and sell the price.

When the prices move up we can buy and earn profit it is called long trade.

When the prices move down we can sell the prices and earn profit which is called short trade.


Liquidation price:

Liquidation price is the price where the market price come we stuck from the market and our all capital that we use in the trade is loss.



In sport trading we can sell and buy market when we want. In spot trading we have direct ownership of cryptocurrencies that we buy. In other words cryptocurrencies can directly transfer between buyers and sellers.

Spot trading is simple and easy to buy and sale there is no liquidation price we trade with no fear in spot trading.